Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's been many months since I've posted.  Life has a way of squeezing out these tasks that are important but seem to take a back seat to other items at the top of the to do list.  Today is the day I am intentionally moving the task of writing to the top of the list.

My husband and I have been on staff of Cru for over 40 years.  When that milestone was reached the Legacy Project invited us to videotape our stories.  Two years ago we taped our 3 hour session telling various parts of our pilgrimage.  It was then edited down to very concise 4-5 minute presentations.

I just received notice that the story of my art journey is now edited and posted on YouTube.  I'm sharing this video link with you so you can join me for a look at my mission over the years.  It's an emotional journey for me and I'm full of gratitude that I have had the privilege of making art and connecting with so many wonderful artists and patrons all over the globe.This has not been a journey alone, as I would like to acknowledge my husband and our children as well as many artists and art organizations who have mentored me and shown me the way.

Check out the link below:

You may also be interested in viewing other staff person's stories.  These videos represent many years of service from very gifted and committed people we have had the pleasure of working alongside for many years.  .

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