Wednesday, February 4, 2015

acrylic on canvas
30" x 30"

Waiting produces a response

This piece is the first of my works for 2015. It comes as a response to recent personal experiences.  Within two months, I had two medical tests which could have been life-changing.  I waited one month for results on one and over a week for the other.

During that time, I had many opportunities to learn how to live moment by moment.  I found a new thankfulness for every breath I take and responded with making this piece.

I decided to use the color of soil referencing the dust of the ground from which Adam was formed and the transparency of breath, referencing the breath of life that God breathed into Adam.  I remembered the many times I walked outside in the cold when I was a kid and purposely blew my breath in order to see a white transparent cloud in front of me.  
During the weeks of waiting I studied the names of God and their meanings and found a thread of peace and calmness with a deeper understanding of who God is.  You can visit my website at to read the complete reflection under the menu item Artist Reflections.  I'm currently working on two more pieces that may become part of a series.