Friday, November 11, 2011

Just in time for Christmas

I have been AWOL on this blog  since April and now hope to catch up to date.  I have been learning online publishing and how to re-make my website.  If you'd like to view my current updated site, please visit  

Other digital projects completed include online publishing attempts.  I have successfully published two online books using  The covers of these books are shown below:

This publication references the hand-written pieces of parchment and
 papyrus scrolls that were discovered in eleven of the Qumran caves
from 1947-1956.This is a soft-cover edition of 32 pages, 8" x 10"
and sells for $28.00 plus shipping.
This publication is meant to illuminate and cultivate an awareness of divinity
 everywhere and always.  It is an image journal to record a brief summary of 
personal insights about your own time.  This is a soft-cover edition of 28 pages,
 7" x 7" and sells for $19.00 plus shipping.

These would make wonderful Christmas gifts for anyone who values quiet meditative devotional time.  Please contact me at if your are interested in ordering these for Christmas or any other time.

The learning curve for these publications was not difficult.  I encourage anyone who desires to compile artwork or photos into one publication to consider visiting and try their templates and publishing offerings.

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